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"Language is the key to the world." (Wilhelm von Humboldt)

Linguistic competence is intercultural competence.

Intercultural competence ensures long-term business success.

2015-02-16 22:38
"Language is the key to the world." (Wilhelm von Humboldt)
Klemke Language Services

""Language is the key to the world." - When reading this sentence we think: yes, of course. That's right. This statement was as true two hundred years ago as it is today. No, in fact it is even more relevant and more important today than ever before. Modern means of communication and the sheer endless mobility of merchandise, persons and services let individual locations become less and less important. It is rather the network of processes, procedures and flows of merchandise and money that counts today.

But wait a minute: what about "the" language?

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2016-03-03 20:55
The Business Plan Canvas as a source of innovation for SMEs and interpreters
Klemke Language Services

Last November, while working as an interpreter at a business conference, I got introduced to the concept of a “business plan canvas.” I found this concept to be quite intriguing, not only for the start-up businesses that it is used in, but also for any other smaller business structure that, unlike large multi-national organizations (MNOs), cannot afford founding a legal entity dedicated solely to innovation, their mission being to develop and test new product and service concepts.

What is a business plan canvas (BPC)?

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