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The quality of the understanding is decisive for the quality of the event.

Language may be invisible. But understanding is the key to the success of international events.

When the messages of first-class speakers are received by discriminating guests then it is Klemke Language Services that makes the connection. It builds bridges, helps participants to overcome language barriers and to express themselves freely and naturally.

In a foreign language you say what you are able to say

and not what you wish to say.

---- Hans-Dietrich Genscher ----

Hans-Dietrich Genscher, former German Vice Chancellor and Minister of Foreign Affairs, once said: ?In a foreign language you say what you are able and not what you wish to say.? This makes it all the more important for the success of an event that the speakers can concentrate fully on their subjects and can articulate regardless of questions of understanding.

In numerous successful events Klemke Language Services has shown what makes multi-lingual understanding successful and which details are the most important. Planning security included.

Klemke Language Services provides a full service that also includes organizing conference and AV technology.

To put it a different way: we provide you with a companion who shares your goals, from consultation and organisation through to the highest quality of interpretation.

The result:

Participants are delighted and experience inspiring encounters.

The process is smooth and easy thanks to the full-service package.

The event is a success and thus forms a further building block to secure your good reputation.


Eschersheimer Landstr. 68
60322 Frankfurt am Main