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Rely on Language Services that speak for themselves.

Consultancy - Organizing - Conference Interpretating - Translating

"need interpreters, please!" , In principle this simple request is sufficient to set off on the path to a successful event with:

Conference Interpreting: complete understanding

We love to allow listeners to access another language completely, in simultaneous interpretation mode, almost in real time. Or in sections in the form of consecutive interpreting, escort interpretation and of course liaison interpreting. The highest level of professional and language skills are a prerequisite.

Klemke Language Services upholds a strong network of professionals with specialists from different disciplines to guarantee support with the highest qualifications. They are all experts in intercultural communication. For any type of event, be it seminars, workshops, supervisory board or board meetings, kick-off meetings for new products and services, sales conferences, press events, road shows, conventions, trade fairs inaugurations or company anniversaries.

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Consultation: We understand and speak your language.

Who, how, where? What is your goal and what will take you there? And what can you perhaps do without? Are there any special features such as an open-air venue, sources of disruptive noise or perhaps a particular confidentiality obligation? We plan from scratch depending on your objective, set up and event type.

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Organization: we think of everything and get everything done.

Which interpreting team is a dream team?
Which technology is needed and how much of it ?
from the interpreting booth to technical support on site?
So many questions. We not only have all the answers but will also look after their realization.

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Translation: Das linguistische Sahnehäubchen.

When language is also translated in writing accurately and with the consistent use of specific terms then the transfer of information is perfect. And that is good for the success of an event.

Appropriate translation tools such as SDL Trados and the four-eyes principle with a translator and a proofreader serve to assure quality. For conference documentation, leaflets, presentations, brochures, minutes, contracts and anything else that needs translation..

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Eschersheimer Landstr. 68
60322 Frankfurt am Main